For the Peace of a Wonky Mind

imageAn ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) is a fascinating injury. For one’s brain to have been impacted to the extreme can obviously have an enormous range of consequential states of being. It is an injury that no two people can ever have the same outcome. Despite some damage can result in similar outcomes, the extent of the injury; the nature and severity of impact.

HalftimeRecords_001If you think about it, it is quite impossible not to find the ABI Intriguing. I mean, we are talking about the BRAIN! That means one’s whole life are at risk of assault. The brain is the Boss, so obviously nobody is actually going to consciously pursue an ABI, so you will have to trust me from my end here. Nevertheless if you interact with someone with an ABI, you are dealing with someone who has acquired the challenge that is impacting them physically, intellectually, behaviorally, socially and emotionally. Damage to different portions of the brain can more severely, thereby potentially their whole entire life.

imageThe speed to rescue is crucially definitive of the outcome; the severity their brain, and therefore their life, is damaged. Accordingly, that which follows is the quality and quantity of their treatment. The calibre of the Recovery can be a startling game changer. It is instrumental on the impact of the reformation of their life. Ultimately it is the characteristics, the intensities and shifts, the changes, the ebbs and flows, the immediate arrivals and the abrupt disappearances, the astonishing happenings and devastating actions, the gains and the losses, the quirks or the normalise of it all that determines their is in their life. The length of the Recovery is roughly 5 years.

HalftimeRecords_002That is where one’s State of Being is fraught with fragility, and the ratio of impact is a little more complex. It is like Impact/Severity=ABI* (where ABI* is relative one’s prior Status Quo)but that is only the immediate result. Following that things get a little more tricky. There are the several factors mention above which are relatively controlled. However one of the MOST tricky is human contact. Which could be translated the outcome to [(E/ABI)x(PPT/Q”x [Q^]. Whereby E=Experience, PPT=People, Place or Thing, Q”=Quality and Q^=Quantity.


Now. My math’s is a little abstract these days, and I am notoriously esoteric, so I do believe the penny may have dropped why you could have are reading a Blog by Halftime* Records. Moreover, why it is subtitled Quirk and Quirkier Lightness of Being.

(Halftime* c’est moi! But I shall extrapolate another time.)


I have included below the second of my posts from Wonky Words (  I am often suitably  impressed reading my own written works from any portion of my Life’s Adventure, nevertheless, what I have written for the outside looking in inspires me, myself and also I!

When in doubt, Sing!

It’s a funny, wonky way, really, if you find that you are thinking about it. Which is why that’s not really wise. What to do? Just sing. Think not about why. Indeed, think not at all. Accept the unexpected advice, and see what you come up with, in fact, best to just assume anything and everything are rather interesting, and imaginatively open your mind so that anything that crackles, snaps and pops up has room. Uncertain? Dabble In trust and assume confidently instead. Express pass right by possible doubt, anything disguised; or hiding, potentially lurking: instead be brazen, why not indulge? That in this wonky, quirky surprisingly melodic moment, you will realise that indivisibly, but wholly, that the whole caboodle really is quite miraculous, yes, surprisingly wonderful, but unearthly. Superior. Therefore consequently… you. Your reality, your existence, your actuality and your identity are somehow pure existence, and equally, are somehow unconditionally essential. Seemingly both a reflection and an origin of entirety, equally as well of wholeness. And, and?! Indeed: uniquely being all, and uniquely defining oneness.

Wow! How..?!

Of course. Doubtlessly sneaky, creaky, pesky thinking has been pressing you, and yes, possibly stressing untowardly. What to do? What to do?!

Reflect. I suggest even pondering. Quite possible. Indeed, of course. Remember. Just be, oh so thoughtful.


Photos Taken in January by Simon whilst I was in Epworth 2013!